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VideoFAG: Toronto

RSN UKFilm Material Soup at VideoFAG, Augusta Ave, Toronto, 16 December 2014, 7.30pm

Curated by Mary Stark: “Film Material Soup presents a diverse range of approaches to artist film: studio tests with sculptural forms; projected light and shadow; repetitive actions performed for the camera; photochemical sonic processes; rhythmic interrogation of the filmstrip and the video codec; romantic technological obsolescence; animated microfilm; far flung manmade habitats; flickering urban wilds; data traced through peripheral landscapes.”

Featuring: Jenny Baines, Jo Byrne, Annie Carpenter, Chris Paul Daniels, Joe Duffy, Dave Griffiths, Ben Gwilliam, Nick Jordan, Sam Meech, James Snazell and Mary Stark.

Videofag is a storefront cinema and performance lab in Toronto’s Kensington market dedicated to the creation and exhibition of video, film, new media, and live art.

Archive/Image: Budapest

Archive/Image Conference: Open Society Archives, Budapest, 7-8 March 2014

New archival epistemes in the digital landscape: “The conference aims to bridge the gap between contemporary digital archival practices and academic theory about the image of, and the image in, the archive. It is only through studying the historicity of visual practices and the historical imagination that we can understand the potential of new technologies. Given the growing role of visual material in both researching and presenting historical data, the event will bring together scholars and specialists in the fields of history, archival science, media studies, film studies, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and design.”

Including: Wouter Daemen, Virginia K. Dixon, Dave Griffiths ( presenting Babel Fiche: a video museum for future citizens), Orit Halpern, Gabriella Ivacs, Barbara Knorpp, Killian Krug, Stephanie Lauke, Ioana Macrea-Toma, Simon Menner, István Rév, Oksana Sarkisova, Bohdan Shumylovych, and Csaba Szilágyi

Emily Gosling: What does ‘digital’ really mean?

From: Emily Gosling, review of Frequency13, Design Week, 21 October

“Another incredible and incongruous space that makes the most of the juxtapositions between futuristic artwork and the city’s crumbling medieval past is the Bath House next to Lincoln Castle, where Dave Griffiths’ work Babel Fiche is running. The 18-minute video piece was formed from moving-image content donated to the artist, which was then compressed onto microfilm to form a strange, non-linear ‘time capsule’.  The piece explores how archivist of the future will view our continually-recorded present, which – as one of the video’s many narrators puts it – ‘we flick from scene to scene without observing’.

Through the endlessly shifting footage of a dead mouse, rubbish dump, clubbers, line dancers, pretty girls, planes, a young family in a suburban high street, riots and skimming pebbles by the sea, Griffiths places all imagery on a level plane. The non-hierarchical, non-linear treatment of the scenes questions what recorded fragments from today will be valuable in future; and whether our constant desire to record and document our time is, deep down, a manifestation of our ‘fearing the crime of disappearance’.”

Read the full review of Frequency13

Babel Fiche: Frequency Festival

The Bath House, Lincoln Castle, 18-26 October 2013

Babel Fiche tours to Lincoln Castle as part of Frequency Festival of Digital Culture, a biennial festival hosted in the city of Lincoln, providing a platform to celebrate the pioneering spirit of digital innovation and culture through exhibition, creative collision and debate. Click here for Dave Griffiths interview.

Archipelagoes: Xiamen

Sandao Gallery, Fine Art College of Xiamen, PR China, 23 June – 13 July 2013

Archipelagoes presents recent work by Joe Duffy and Dave Griffiths, bringing together their perspectives on the way we live our lives – our rituals, conflicts, observations and behaviours. The artists derive narratives from the places we inhabit, our archives and memories, and the futures we may be creating.  Duffy shows us the physical fragments of what we leave behind, through the landscape, waste matter and sublime places of a current apocalypse. Griffiths captures and re-animates photographic fragments through examining them in the astronomical guise of a researcher from a possible future. Notions of cultural flux and socio-political turmoil are apparent in the interplay between the two artists.

miriad - jpegArchipelagoes is funded by MIRIAD at Manchester School of Art, and Fine Art College of Xiamen. Thanks to Tongyu Zhou, Lin Lin and Xinyi Liu.