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Purescreen DVD 02

purescreenLove Is A Burning Thing is included on Purescreen 02 DVD, published by Castlefield Gallery Manchester.

Launch event at Roxy Bar & Screen, London, 19 March 2008, 8pm, touring to Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria Island, British Columbia, Canada, 14 August 2008, 8pm.

Curated by Sophia Crilly: “The films selected for inclusion on PureScreen DVD 02 represent the highlights and a cross-section of the diversity of works from the 2006/07 season of screening programmes. It features recent work by UK and internationally based artists”.

Jordan Baseman, The Sun Always Shines on the Righteous, 2004; Dave Griffiths, Love is a Burning Thing, 2006; Alexander Heim, Untitled (Dog), 2006; Hamish Dunbar & Jack Holden, Colours, 2005; Jim Hollands, Barenzirkus, 2005; Esther Johnson, Lenox, 2006; Lisa Keiko Kirton, Humming, 2005; Rob Kennedy, Eden, 2004; Jeremy Newman, Derf, 2004; Alex Pearl, Automatic Film 1 (In Another Place), 2005; Erica Scourti, Ghost Story, 2006; Josh Weinstein, Cross Examination, 2005; Marilyn Whittle, Nowhere Man, 2006

Purescreen #15: Making Up For Lost Time

PurescreenCastlefield Gallery, Manchester. Event held at Bureau, Islington Mill, Salford, 10 November 2006, 6pm

Curated by Sophia Crilly: “PureScreen #15 selects works from the open submission to examine the various ways that archival materials are used and dislocated from their original purpose and intention, revealing new readings, meanings and questions. Some artists revisit and utilise their own footage from previously made films in order to create a new film, some manipulate found footage and others simply plunder Hollywood imagery and popular cinematic conventions to create new narratives or process-based works, in an attempt to reveal and deconstruct cinematic structures and perceived narratives of mainstream cinema. Some appropriate imagery to use purely as a source of abstract and graphic forms. This programme of moving-image collage explores the material and aesthetic qualities of archival and antiquated footage, and their effect on the viewer, in evoking a sense of time and nostalgia and playing with ideas of memory, history, fact and fiction.”

Jim Hollands

Colours, Hamish Dunbar & Jack Holden; Love is a Burning Thing, Dave Griffiths; Desi’re – The Golden Reels, Romeo Grunfelder; Boop-oop-a-doop, Sachiko Hayashi; Barenzirkus, Jim Hollands; Eden, Rob Kennedy; Making Up For Lost Time, Andrew McAllister; Jazz Mixx, Simon Rodgers; Nowhere Man, Marilyn Whittle

Purescreen DVD 01

PurescreenPurescreen DVD 01 Launch, King’s Arms, Salford, March 18, 2005

Selected by Sophia Crilly & Yuen Fong Ling (Castlefield Gallery): “The films compiled on PureScreen DVD *01 were selected from the entire back catalogue of screened programmes, since PureScreen’s original launch in March 2003. The films were not chosen with a specific curatorial remit in mind, other than to highlight some of the best examples of contemporary artist’s film and video in the UK today. Consequently, many of the films also represent issues that have appeared prevalent within the medium of film and video in terms of artistic, cultural, social or political interests from recent years.”

Purescreen DVDPurescreen DVD 01 toured to Folly, Lancaster; Experimental Film Today, UCLAN, Preston; Catalyst Arts, Belfast; Itau Cultural, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria Island, Canada; The Residence, London; Radiator Festival, Nottingham.

Steven Ball, The Defenestrascope, 2003; Beagles & Ramsay, Dead Of Night, 2003; Charlotte Bernstein, Untitled, 2003; Sarah Carne, You In Love? You Gonna Be, 2002; The Cartwright Brothers, The Heap, 2003; Lee Cavaliere, Poet Sightings, 2003; Gillian Dyson, After Pain and Panic, 2002; Stephen Gray, Space Soldiers Conquer The Universe, 2003; Dave Griffiths, Nick Jordan & Lord Mongo, Roused By My Epilepsy, 2003; Riccardo Iacono, Fuzzy Lover, 2003; Karin Kihlberg, This Is Not About Sexuality, 2003; Oliver Lamb, The Real Charlie Cheese & His Pigeon Spectacle, 2003; Elizabeth McAlpine, The film footage missed by the viewer through blinking while watching the feature film Don’t Look Now, 2003; Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Kustom Kar Inferno, 2003; Paul Rooney, I Am Not Going To America: An Audio Guide For Any Chair Lift, 2002; Erica Scourti, Trailer Truths I, 2004; Graeme Stonehouse, The Nelson Riddle, 2002; Naoko Takahashi, Combing, 2004; Patricia Walsh, Pearls, 2003

The DefenestrascopeStephen Gray, Space Soldiers

The Moon Will Save Our Ass

Ewen ChadronnetPurescreen 5: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 6 May 2004

A screening programme curated by Dave Griffiths in response to The Goose Fair exhibition by Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan. The programme takes its title from Japhy’s ecstatic phrase in Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums. Restless, tragicomic beings interact with turbulent environments and uncertain destinations in this programme of short film and video.

Liz McAlpineWith references to popular culture, myth and geopolitics, the programme is international in scope. The works typify some contemporary methods in video: filmic constructs, animation, found-footage remix, digital processing, and painterly approaches to framing & materials.

Emma Tod, Bros CartwrightGeorge Barber, Ewan Chadronnet, Dave Griffiths, Andrew Quinn, Naomi Uman, Laressa Kosloff, Animal Charm, Jim Finn, David Noonan, Elizabeth McAlpine & Paul Cordwell

The Goose Fair flyer, Cartwright & Jordan