2010, 105 x 148mm colour microfiche

Thousands of tiny images document the entire surface of my body in a hyper-compressed photographic archive. Simply using daylight and a lens, its browsers are invited to locate and re-imagine parts of my external anatomy within the grid, in a voyeuristic performance of forensic scrutiny.  Encountering this film in a post-human world of unknowable rituals, bodies and implements, a curious future citizen might reconstruct my analogue fragments as a biological being, a miniature, a slave, or a movie.

Bauplan exploits microfilm’s 500-year lifespan as an archaeological timeframe. An irony of contemporary archiving is its painstaking mission to compress and preserve an expanding knowledge, whose future endurance – and value – is uncertain. Bauplan is displayed at a high-end adult shop, Nua, amongst sex toys and bondage accessories. A gesture towards our desire for physical and screen-based exploration of the body, and our cultural drive to protect and engage with the wider image archive. Critical data, now cheaply housed in vulnerable digital solutions, might find longevity in this return to the analogue, to survive environmental change or transcend loss through generations of format migration.

miriad - jpegExhibited at Nua Lifestyle for Adult Fun, as part of Analogue is the New Digital, 1-23 October 2010. Thanks to Nim Burgin. Commissioned by Andrea Zapp & Simon Blackmore, supported by MIRIAD & Abandon Normal Devices, and printed by Gubler Imaging, Zurich.