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CODEC/X: New British Video & Sound Art

2003, 65 min, colour, stereo, DVD

A DVD publication and touring film programme screening internationally between 2003-2004. CODEC/X features new short works by 26 artists and musicians from north-west England. It is curated by Dave Griffiths Nick Jordan, aiming to promote collaboration and experimentation between sonic and visual artists. It is available for purchase at Microcinema International.

Nick Jordan, Another Road MovieJenna Collins & Jane BrakeCODEC/X

Abstract EarthMark Pilkington, Jane Brake & Jenna Collins, Scott Byrne & Happy Fingers, Cartwright Brothers, Suki Chan & Mayming, Paul Cordwell & Loopaznavour, Joe Devlin & Ben Gwilliam, Tamzin Forster, Dave Griffiths, Jenny Hallström, Illuminati & Ben Schmark, Nick Jordan, Lee Patterson, Kristín Scheving & Spencer Marsden, Blake Quentin & Coryn Smethurst, Carl Turton.

See CODEC/X programme notes for more info on films and artists (PDF, 252kb)

codec: type of compression/decompression software for storage and transmission of audio-visual data – the manipulation of information, time, sound and space.

codex: a pre-printing-era manuscript, a digest or collection of items or laws – the compilation, formatting, and reproduction of texts or narratives.

CODEC/X presents 65 minutes of diverse work, with challenging and often humorous themes embedded to materials and processes – including animation, performance, text, noise, concept, narrative, found objects, tape and abstraction. It unpacks a playful list of new proposals, aiming to encourage discourse about technology, materials, and conventions in contemporary practice. The artists explore tensions between perfection & instability; the minutiae of spaces and moments; the inscription and abandonment of laws; creation of light and time; complexity of language and meaning, and the architecture in ‘intelligent’ machines. This non-profit project is a response to the growing movement of independent spaces and audiences from a variety of scenes: galleries, microcinemas, experimental music, and artist-run events. The touring programme is available free to curators, programmers, microcinemas, distributors and websites who are seeking contemporary, experimental, time-based work. The DVD distribution is supported by Arts Council England.

CODEC/X was launched at Zion Art Centre, Manchester in September 2003, and then is touring.  Selected works from the publication are screening in Leeds (City Art Gallery), Sheffield, Newcastle, Lancaster (Folly), Nottingham, Norwich, Hull, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Lisbon, Prague, Valencia, Paris, Berlin, Perm City, Brooklyn, Montreal, Indianapolis, Austin, Chiang Mai and Melbourne.

Roused By My Epilepsy

Dave Griffiths, Nick Jordan & Lord Mongo
2001, 5.00 mins, colour, stereo, DV

The result of a happenstance response to Lord Mongo‘s spasmodic ballet and mad-masked prog-rock ramblings upon Parys Mountain. Ad hoc summer camping and gorilla filmmaking in the Celtic fringes of Anglesey. Other crew were Kaye Griffiths, and Mark Aldous and Paul Walker from the Fred Aldous shop – responsible for moulding The Brain and other costumery.

Achieves the enviable task of mixing the comic instinct of Vic Reeves with the low-fi sci-fi of Dr Who. This voracious scavenging of the wasteland is indicative of Mancunian artists’ paranormal ability to metamorphose the ruins. Neil Mulholland, ‘Aperto Manchester’, Flash Art, October 2003

The video started life as a music clip for Lord Mongo, by our production company Pharmakon (now defunkt). In 2002 the video was used by Martin Vincent and Dave Mackintosh for the Die Kunst Golden Jubilee Video Showcase, at Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool; Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle; Museumnacht, Institute of Architecture, Rotterdam.  After inclusion at Castlefield Gallery‘s Purescreen I it also played at Eyeball HaemorrhageNight & Day, Manchester, organised by Kino. In 2003 it was selected by Neil Mulholland for We go round and round in the night and are consumed by fire, at Comme Ca NYC and Liverpool Biennial Independents.

Roused.. also appeared on two DVD publications – a freebie with Glasgow’s Product 08 magazine (Winter 2003), alongside other films by Colin Andrews and Matt Hulse . It was also on a limited edition FLUX catalogue designed by John Walsh, to accompany We go round and round in the night and are consumed by fire in New York.  This included films by Jane Brake & Jenna Collins, Carne & Johnson, Suki Chan, Jane Griffiths, Laurence Lane, Paul Rooney and Martin Wallace.

in the columbarium.. and The Brain