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Microtopia mattering: Utrecht

Urban Matters, 9th Annual Conference on the New Materialisms, Utrecht University, 20-22 June 2018

I am pleased to be presenting a paper ‘Microtopia: sensing and renarrating Belgian nuclear materiality’, on my research in creating a microfiche zine responding to proposals for geoburial of radioactive waste in northern Belgium.  I’m on the ‘Post-Industrial’ panel, along with artists Ilona Hongisto, Tero Nauha and anthropologist Milosz Mankiewicz.

New Forms for a Philosophy of Film: Manchester

19-20 July 2015, HOME & Manchester School of Art

An interdisciplinary seminar presenting research theories and practices that address film in relation to Derrida, postmodernism, and political and cosmological form.

Chaired by Felicity Colman (Manchester School of Art): “This seminar seeks to discuss research theories and practices that address the following questions: What is the form of philosophy that might be adequate to address the material complexity of a filmic or screen-based image? In what ways have filmic or screen-based images altered the discipline of philosophy? What are the “new” forms of film philosophy being practiced today?”

Papers: Joanna Hodge, Jason Wood, Dave Griffiths, Gopalan Mullik, Christine Reeh, Elspeth Mitchell, Anna Bergqvist, Maximilian de Gaynesford, Sheryl Tuttle Ross, Keith Crome, Maren Thom and Helen List.

Also including a screening of Love in the Post (2014), a filmic essay on Derrida directed & produced by Joanna Callaghan; plus Extinction Event [GRB130313A], an installation by Dave Griffiths.

Supported by HOME, Manchester School of Art, and MeCCSA Practice Network

Cosmographies: Falmouth

24–25 July 2014, Falmouth University, UK,  supported by The British Interplanetary Society

Cosmographies enables cross-disciplinary dialogue between scholars in art, literature, film and space studies, to establish new ways of investigating how ‘outer space’ signifies as a rich source of textual and visual culture and representation.  The conference included keynote by Chris Welch (International Space University) and a field trip to Goonhilly Earth StationPapers include: Artemis Alexiou, BAI Lab, Vincent Campbell, Joseph Darlington, Sven Grampp, Jane Grant, Dave Griffiths, Rob La Frenais, Ralo Mayer, Tico Romao and Andy Thomas . Poetry reading by Annabel Banks and Philip Gross. Organised by Niamh Downing, Dario Llinares and Sarah Arnold (Falmouth University).

Dave Griffiths presented Extinction Event [GRB130313A]: expanded photograph as cosmographic fragment, discussing an audio and microfiche installation produced during a MIRIAD-funded residency in 2013. Griffiths shadowed Leicester University’s X-ray astronomy team operating a NASA space telescope. By collaging metadata visualisations of photons from a distant gamma-ray burst, along with snapshots and sound recordings of the observers and their apparatus, Griffiths considers the photograph as an expanded, cinematic field of navigation. Two historical moments are separated by billions of years – the explosion and it’s observation.

Archive/Image: Budapest

Archive/Image Conference: Open Society Archives, Budapest, 7-8 March 2014

New archival epistemes in the digital landscape: “The conference aims to bridge the gap between contemporary digital archival practices and academic theory about the image of, and the image in, the archive. It is only through studying the historicity of visual practices and the historical imagination that we can understand the potential of new technologies. Given the growing role of visual material in both researching and presenting historical data, the event will bring together scholars and specialists in the fields of history, archival science, media studies, film studies, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and design.”

Including: Wouter Daemen, Virginia K. Dixon, Dave Griffiths ( presenting Babel Fiche: a video museum for future citizens), Orit Halpern, Gabriella Ivacs, Barbara Knorpp, Killian Krug, Stephanie Lauke, Ioana Macrea-Toma, Simon Menner, István Rév, Oksana Sarkisova, Bohdan Shumylovych, and Csaba Szilágyi

Remix Cinema: Oxford

Remix Cinema Workshop, Oxford Internet Institute, Bailiol College, 24-25 March 2011.

I presented a Babel Fiche: Animating the Archive (download here) a research poster on the process behind Babel Fiche.

Remix Cinema conference