2002, 11.00 mins, colour, stereo, DV

Results from documentation of an improvised performance made at Manchester’s Green Room involving laptop-cello mulching by Daniel Weaver (Unplugboy) and live video mixing. Footage was also gathered by Dave Griffiths & Nick Jordan from spycam surveillance of the cello-improviser recorded at DADI. Filming also took place at an abandoned electro-shock therapy ward, and from stop-animated interiors of a discarded maquette of the floor-plan.

Screened in 2002-03 in twin-channel format at Blackout, Bristol Community Festival (organised by Cube Cinema); aLectro_eCoustic, DADI, Manchester; and Listening Room, Bluecoat, Liverpool (organised by Frakture).  A single-screen version was at Video 825, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, and Night of the Infraterrestrials291 Gallery, London.  It was included in the media library at LUX Open: New British Artists’ Film & Video, RCA, London. The film was also reviewed by Echo Film Fest, Ljubliana.