Love is a Burning Thing

2006, 7.40 mins, colour, stereo, DV

Fiery bursts lurk between movie reels, signalling unseen mechanics. Projectionists watch and count the governing pulse, anxiously attempting to perform seamless changeovers.  This work draws from an ongoing collection of cue-dot episodes that are painstakingly sifted and appropriated from free digital-TV broadcasts.  This archive of provides an archaeological means of remembering cinema’s outgoing physicality, and a method of inquiry into narrative and perceptual processes. Love is a burning thing was commissioned for the DVD catalogue of StoryRooms, an international media art exhibition curated by Andrea Zapp at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

“Dave Griffiths’ image and sound fragments function as objects of found footage that are, in their swift collaging, reminiscent of random material collected from the Internet; and a distorted focus and resolution, together with measured cutting and close-ups, reworks key elements like surveillance shots or recombined and transient screen imagery related to the exhibition’s installations”. Andrea Zapp, StoryRooms catalogue.