2007, 35mm loop, ‘Martin Lucas MiniCine’, 5 mins approx.

A divine, whirling jig of creation and destruction. Named after Shiva’s posture as Lord of the Dance, Nataraja combines cue-dot fragments and swaying heroes in a clattering, miniature animated scroll. Made from a 1950s cast-iron British toy, and loaded with a hand-sprocketed loop cut from E6 transparency plates. Kindly supported by Pro2col Imaging, Manchester (sadly no longer with us).

“Dave Griffiths plays with the beauty and mythic power of film projection. A hybrid Cinematagrophe-Mutoscope requires the viewer to turn the handle and project the ‘film’. Each frame contains the black cue dot to signal to the projectionist to change the reel. In the half light, we become the projectionist for a moment, and grasp the seduction of the medium afresh.” Brendan Fletcher, AN, August 2009