BlueScreen @Sho1

IDEA‘s Browns Brothers Building, Trinity Way, Salford, 12 October 2001, 8pm

Curated by Kwong Lee & Rachel Roberston: “BlueScreen is a 3-hour selection of video work by visual and performance artists, animators, fiction and documentary filmmakers as part of Sho1, a showcase for the creative sector around Greater Manchester.”

Jenna Collins, Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem; Steph Gill, Mouth to Mouth; Russell Moss & Neil Bell, Dome; Julie Moggan, In Search of Home; Dave Griffiths, Lord Mongo Presents; James Hutchinson, My Own Private Revolution; Andrew Macdonald, Little Death; Kwong Lee, Hands Are Made For Cooking; Pat Flynn, Untitled; Rachel Robertson, Christmas Eve at the Wesley; Adele Myers, Vorhees Bag; Psychicbread, Possession; Margaret Loescher, Piece of Me

Lord Mongo Presents

2000, 16 mins, colour, stereo, Hi8

A documentary charting absurd actions by Lord Mongo. Held in Manchester bars and pubs, his neo-Dadaist events included poetic rants, spasmodic ballet, trash constructions, puppetry – and fantasies of animal-human interaction.  The film digs into a depraved persona who battered and divided audiences – art star and circus freak.  Ending with Mongo’s epic Britzcarraldo, an Herzog-inspired cabaret tribute to creative madness.

Lord Mongo Presents was shot over 1999-2000, including live art performances such as Britzcarraldo and Mongo’s monthly quiz/happening/residency at Big Hands. Also Dark Manger at Briton’s Protection and N4 Festival at Night & Day.  Camera by Kaye Griffiths & Nick Jordan. Costumes and props by Mongo, Mark Aldous and Paul Walker. Music by Wack Jeff, Phil Addyman, Pendro and Lord Mongo.  Produced by Steve Manford.

Screenings at various Manchester events in 2001:  aLectro_eCoustic, Bar Centro (organised by Daniel Weaver); QuickFlick, Night & DayBluescreen, SHO#1, IDEA (Kwong Lee); and Vaudeville, Green Room (organised by Jex).  Other live projections done with Nick Jordan for the Lord Mongo gigs in 2002 were at Tmesis (with the spy-vid masque) and the Festival of Briton, Roadhouse (organised by Steve Manford). Another music video, Transistor Man, was made for the Mongo band around this time.