Some Late Turners

2004, 4.30 mins, colour, stereo, DV

A growing colony of redundant CD-ROMs as high-wire pest controllers, inscribing light on an English urban allotment.   Obsolete human remains – the conceit of cheap algorithms and knowledge-portals – are appropriated for a different cultural purpose. At loose in the iridescent, ruddy pastorale the discs dance acrobatically in melancholy digital defiance against their inevitable erosion. Filmed on the family plot in Chorlton, south Manchester.  The film features a score composed by Coryn Smethurst, who captured sonic materials from the acoustic properties of the urban-agricultural location, using both conventional and unconventional microphones. The spectral qualities of the camcorder and spycam lenses are reflected in the timbral colourations and fluctuations of the processed sound.

SAN SoundcircusPremiered at Sound Circus, Sonic Arts Network, DeMontfort University, Leicester, 13 June 2004, where Coryn mixed the score live over the BEAST – a multi-speaker diffusion system.