The Glorious 12th: artranspennine08

The Glorious Twelfth is an event during artranspennine08, 12-13 August 2008

“An amateur astronomy field-trip to a remote moorland on 12 August, from dusk till dawn the following day. Together we will observe and record the celebrated Perseid meteor shower which climaxes in the northern hemisphere around this date. You may bring a looking-glass of choice, or survey the heavens with your naked eye. Our horizontal scrutiny may result in convivial connection with one another and the firmament. Our site, on the northernmost edge of the Transpennine corridor, will escape the creeping smog of light pollution eroding England’s dark-sky areas. If you are interested in joining this rustic ramble, please get in touch – exact itinerary and location to be confirmed.”

Curated in 2008 by Hilary Jack & Paul Harfleet (Apartment): artranspennine is a large scale cross-regional exhibition with an array of emerging and established artists working in a variety of disciplines. Artists will be placing work, staging performances and creating interventions at a variety of locations across the Transpennine route”

Andrew Bracey, Bec Garland, Chris Clarke, Contents May Vary, Daksha Patel, David Price, EP Niblock, G. Leddington, Geoff Molyneux, Dave Griffiths, Janet Griffiths, Jason Minsky, Jude Macpherson, Julie Del Hopital, Karen Gaskill, Kwong Lee, Laurence Lane, Lee Machell, Lisa Penny, Louise Adkins, Maeve Rendle, Mark Kennard, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Nick Jordan & Jacob Cartwright, Paul Needham, Rebecca McKnight, Sarah Sanders, Sophia Crilly, Stuart Edmundson, Tenneson & Dale, The Durds, Tim Machin and Yuen Fong-Ling, plus others.