Views from Inner Space - installation view

Views from Inner Space

Set of 8 slide-mounted microdots
Edition of 13, plus 1 AP
Pre-electric rosettes & mandalas for the parlour. Viewable on a microscope with x20 objective and x6 eyepiece.
Elaborate Victorian slide preparation of the 1850-90s included microdot photos and ‘exhibition arrangements’ of tiny objects such as single-cell diatoms, insect scales & seeds – meeting early Modern demand for visual media to observe, exchange and collect.

Q (Quark) · l (Lepton) · g (Gluon) · Z0 (Boson) · γ (Photon) · G (Graviton) · ν (Neutrino) ·0 (Aleph)

Set of 8 microdot slides, 75 x 25mm each. Screenprinted paper mounts, designed by Anna Frew. Cinematic fragments are reborn as new fictions through nanoscopic observation and dissection. Views from Inner Space is a collection of sub-atomic particles and forces as curious sights for the contemporary parlour. Victorian slide-mounters of the 1850-90s made elaborate arrangements of tiny objects – single-cell beings, insect parts & seeds – to meet early modern demand for visual arcana to observe, exchange and collect.

“Views from Inner Space shifts from an archivist or astronomer-like approach to that of a biologist or forensic scientist’s study of the microscopic. Griffiths has created magical digital collages… this work again magnifies Griffiths work’s empathy with [Charles and Ray Eames’] Power of 10.” Andrew Bracey