You Cue (Cinema)

2006, video, database

An interactive film installation using 7-second cue-dot phrases drawn from cue-dot footage. Users follow the tiny bursts from space to space, becoming both projectionists and browsers – inexorable producers and consumers of fragmented images. Like MySpace ‘friends’ the cue-dots are scrutinised, added and displayed, each fleeting space unpacking to become a micro-episode of sound, costume and location.

Made with the Korsakow System, software developed by Florian Thalhofer for the creation of database narrative films, You Cue reflects the habitual shuffle-montage found in social software. Each clip is data tagged to guide the next choice of content, and to limit navigation whilst enabling possible non-linear narratives to emerge. Describing moods – such as desire, threat, love, doubt, deception – the metadata mimics certain codes of cinematic and web life as the basis for a loose, interactive storytelling structure. You Cue is intended both as digital-cinema apparatus that can be inhabited and performed, and a reminder of mechanical labour in the celluloid era.

Premiered at Becoming Electric, curated by Interval, Lower Turk’s Head, Manchester, 24 November – 3 December 2006.